I had a Trex deck installed less than 3 years ago.Even though it has been cleaned with what they recommend it is full of mold and continues to be covered with mold within a week of cleaning.

Since composite materials are always recommend by DIY Network and HGTV about how wonderful these materials are from a maintenance standpoint, we hate ours. The Trex customer service is almost non-existence. We are going to tear ours out and put in a stone patio. Our deck is 12x20 with a 12x12 offset so it was a very expensive project.

What a disappointment.I would never buy Trex or composite material again.


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We purchase a home that already had Trex deck installed. We have mud prints all over the deck fromm the local wild life. Any hints on how to clean this??????


Spent about $15K on a Trex deck (2X what a wood deck would have cost)...and yes, we got the defective product too! Faded and spots....NEVER EVER PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT!!!

I get upset everytime I walk out on my desk and see the mess....


I agree with this comment.We will probably end up replacing the decking.

What a mess it is.

Customer service said the warrenty does not cover mold.Class action suit, anyone?

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