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Our 4 year old Trex deck started flaking. Trex had been sued re this problem and settled. Because of the lawsuit they had to follow up on our claim. After spending a full morning filling out their claim form,the inspector came out a month later. Our claim was approved about a month after that.

But they would only replace the Trex and pay 18 cents per linear foot ($114) - the minimum required by the court. The estimated labor cost was $2400 with a third of that cost being the disposal of the old Trex (it's not recyclable).

I did not sign off on the claim. Instead I emailed including a copy of the estimate and offered them the option of having their own contractor if it would cost them less. They adamantly refused to do anything more via a phone call despite my request to have all communication in writing.

I finally asked them to give me the value of the Trex instead of the material because I didn't want to spend that kind of money on another Trex deck. They have not responded to the last request (2 weeks so far)and I have received nothing. This process began in late March 2011. It's now late July.

To say I'm disgusted and will never buy Trex again is an understatement. I don't know what to do next.

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Port Angeles, Washington, United States #779549

I have same issue as all others... over 2000 ft of trex installed and ALL of it is destroyed from flaking..

went through claim and after months they just sent me a letter offering just under $6000. For cost of decking and less then $400. For labor, disposal, and screws...

that doesn't even cover screws! Trex is a terrible company and something needs to be done to protect future victims

Pleasanton, California, United States #622956

We had our original deck installed in 2003. The entire deck had to be replaced in 2007 due to surface flaking. This was before the class action lawsuit. Trex paid for material and approx $35,000.00 in labor for it to be replaced (it is a very large, complicated deck).

Well, wasn't long before the new boards started flaking. This claim, after the class action lawsuit, took months to settle and, of course, very little (doesn't even cover cost of screws) for labor. Only materials.

Now for the 4th time, boards are flaking. Made a claim again. Have to go through the inspection process and everything. Once an inspector is assigned, they have 60 days to complete the inspection process. The inspector will not talk to you, and their decision is final. Expect to have to argue with Trex over the inspection, as they will try to replace as little as they can.

NEVER BUY TREX PRODUCTS. They should be sued by the government for filling our landfills with faulty product. Search the web, you'll see all the problems owners have had, and the nightmare Trex (and the lawyers) have put us through.

to Anonymous #830621

Our deck was installed in 2008 according to all Trex specifications. The spindles and handrails are flaking -- they crumble in my hand whenever I touch them.

Now the deck boards themselves are flaking. In addition, the deck flooring is warping and separating at the stairs and connecting points. I was offered $468.25 from Trex to replace the spindles. So far no offer on replacing the deck flooring.

We spent over $6000 on materials and now to have to replace both decks is outrageous. TREX does not stand behind their warranty, and their inspectors are a joke. Of course, the inspector is going to claim that it is faulty installation, earth movement, etc. TREX does not want to have to pay for their faulty material.

Multiple class actions suits have been initiated across the country. When is the government going to find TREX at fault and shut them down in addition to reimbursing everyone who is having problems with their decking materials? I tell everyone I know NOT TO PURCHASE TREX because it is substandard material.

Our decks are not safe for anyone to stand on, and we have to replace them both.


The same flaking is occurring in my deck. My photos look just like yours.

I have a receipt for $3500 Mar 07. I submitted all the required parts (16-photos, completed form, proof of ownership both at construction and currently) to Trex Class Action Settlement. A month later, a man drove from Chico to my home to take photos. Another month later, I received an offer of $285.78 to settle!

In good faith, I purchased TREX b/c of the maintenance-free claim and 25-year warranty. I spent $3500 in TREX decking+labor. What a joke. I can't file in small claims b/c of the class action lawsuit.

Now, I must pay to to tear out this defective decking.

Obviously, TREX is aware of the defective decking. TREX does not stand behind their warranty!

I warn anyone against trusting TREX. Choose another manufacturer.


I too have lots of flaking disintregration,, and have not had ANY response to certified letters or emails to the questions@trex .com

There is a problem and I am happy to tell everyone who asks my opinion the Trex does not stand behind defective product.

Good luck



Our case is similar to yours. We recently received a letter from Trex stating that they would ship new material to us to replace the old material. In addition, "a hefty check of around $150.00" to cover labor. From reading your's and everybody elses responses, I'm considering taking the offer and doing the reinstall myself. We got a labor quote today for $3,800.

I'm afraid that if we wait, we'll get nothing from Trex.



I'm sorry to hear you are having difficulty in resolving your issue. Can you email me your contact information at question@trex.com so I may assist?

to Brittany #828183

Most of my deck is peeling away. Has anyone had issues resolved as of late?

to Brittany #926595

Hi Brittany from Trex,

I am also having problems. My Trex deck was inspected and Trex offered my $.18/ft for 60% of my deck.

Who replaces 60%!!! Eitherway, they don't make the product installed anymore and you can't match it (the new boards are different thinkness, width and color). That is like an auto manufacture saying, " only 60% of you X car is a lemon and we done make the parts... we will give you $.18/LB for the 60% bad parts that need to be replaced and you can buy our new Y car parts at full price from the dealer...

and oh yes, the parts dont match and wont fit. If that isnt enough, you want me to pay labor for removal and installation, disposal fees of the deck?

Sure I would love I would love to talk with you or anyone else at Trex. I spoke with the local Trex rep Kevin Kunka and he actually smiled and laughed at me.

I was suprised that you would treat someone who spend hard earned money on Trex.

If I accepted the offer from Trex my deck would look like a patch quilt and nightmare trip hazard. People who visited my home would ask and I would need to tell them the Trex story.

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